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Yaratıcı Aktivizm / Creative Aktivism

The Yes Men Are Revolting filmiyle tanınan aktivist ve sanatçı Keil Troisi, sinemacılık deneyimi ve insan haklarını geliştirmek için komediyi nasıl kullandığı hakkında bir sunum yapacak. Sunumun ardından avukat Özlem Zıngıl ve Keil, yönetmen Beste Yamalıoğlu moderatörlüğünde insan hakları ve şirket ilişkileri hakkında konuşacak. Etkinlik İngilizce olacaktır. Etkinliğe buradan kayıt yapabilirsiniz.   Known with the movie The Yes Men Are Revolting, activist and artist Keil Troisi will be making a presentation about his experience on filmmaking and how he uses comedy to advance human rights. After the presentation, lawyer Özlem Zıngıl and Keil will be talking about the relations of human rights and corporations with the moderation of filmmaker Beste Yamalıoğlu. The event will be in English. You can register from here.     Keil Troisi (of mischief-activism groups The Yes Men and The Fixers) explores trickster activism techniques using filmmaking and comedy to advance human rights campaigns and plague evil-doers. Keil Orion Troisi is an artist and activist who uses mischievous performance and media-hacking to challenge oppressive systems. For over a decade he has been a core member of culture-jamming group The Yes Men, and co-founded an “emergent faction” called The Fixersto expand his practice in new directions. He has taught in the Trickster Academy, and won a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Screenwriting-Playwriting (2019). He wrote and directed the corporate-horror movie Human Resources (2015), award-winning short Mono Generation (2017), and produced, co-wrote, and appeared in The Peace Pipeline, a MAP Funded comedy performance opposing Line 3, which won Best Documentary Short at the 2021 Dallas VideoFest. He helped stage an “Apartheid zombie” takeover, guerrilla-flyered for murderous food companies, showed off an invisible border wall to Trumpers, orchestrated a “grand guignol-esque” bloodbath in Paris and a feud between Marvel and Vanguard to expose their climate-killing complicity. Keil’s work balances humor and surprise to disrupt systems of power and the fabric of dominant culture, wielding trickery to create the sense of magic we need to reclaim agency from forces that would prefer us to remain passive. IG: Website:
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