Postane Shop aims to promote fair trade, ecological and healthy products and offers products from social enterprises, cooperatives and local creatives. 

All producers in Postane Shop follow fair trade principles and produce around social, environmental and cultural issues such as defending children’s right to play, empowering home-based workers, and producing innovative products with upcycled materials. Seeking social justice in trade, emphasizing that every purchase is a choice, and transforming daily purchasing practices are some of our goals at Postane Shop. In addition to providing the producers with a platform to sell their products, we also aim to support them on their branding, marketing, and networking journey to enhance their potential. In order to increase awareness about social enterprises and facilitate buying from social enterprises, Postane is part of the BuySocial campaign. Postane Shop and Yekpare Social Enterprise Turkey cooperate on forming a producer community of social enterprises and cooperatives, product selection and running BuySocial campaign.