Hosted by Bertha House in cape Town and Postane in Istanbul, MobiFest, a one-week short film festival, was held on November 19-26, 2021. The screenings took place at Postane and on the project’s digital platforms.

Bertha Spaces MobiFest is a week-long international meeting hosted by two activist centers within Bertha Spaces Network (Postane in Istanbul and Bertha House in Cape Town). MobiFest explores how visual storytelling and mobile technology can be used together to bring social change. The theme of 2021 was “Solidarity Spaces.”

Selected filmmakers developed their 5-minute films over an 8-week production period. The short films were programmed as a feature-length block to be screened in two parts, Block A and Block B. Throughout the festival period, Postane and Bertha House hosted 3 daily screenings of The MobiFest Films.


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