20 days per month / 1 person: 1500TL

10 days per month / 1 person: 1000TL

5 days / 1 person per month: 750TL

Daily use: 200TL

Pay-it-forward Membership: You can buy pay-it-forward membership and support our solidarity-based operation.

For flexible membership, you can choose how many days a month you will come and use one of the desks in the co-working area in Postane Hall. Our members can use Postane Terrace and have priority access to Postane Studio, Meeting Room and events held at Postane Office. They can eat at a 20% discount at Postane Cafe.

Monthly Office Space: Office Desk at Postane Office
Hours of Use: 08:00 – 19:00
Meeting Room: 4 Hours
Zoom Room: Unlimited
Studio: 4 Hours
Postane Terrace Access: Unlimited
Library Use: Unlimited
Locker: 1 per desk
Event Space: Reduced price
Shop: Shelf space for brand owners
Mail / Shipping: Mail and packaging address

Institutional members can use one of the desks at Postane Office. We pay special attention to ensuring our institutional members are individuals and institutions that will nurture our community and carry out joint work with each other.

*Contact us for pricing information